Friday, August 21, 2009

Ratrod stretch bike

This bike is his Pride & Joy! This bike was the first real thing that he built in his huge garage! This bike is him in all sorts of ways! This bike was built from 3 other bikes! Well I could go on & on about this bike!! I am proud to say that yes my husband built this! It took some time, but he did a good job, and every time we ride, everyone stares! He welded 3 different bikes parts into one and its really sturdy!! He sometimes pulls a baby carrier behind it with my 16 month old in it!! that makes it look HUGE! He had the seat upholstered by No Joke Upholstery! He told him what he was looking for & thats what he got. It looks great! He has soo much detail in this bike and it looks so neat up close!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

He tried

So, I came in early from work to find my Husband on a website that I had been looking at!! I have been looking at Zebra accessories for my car! He was ordering them & was going to Surprise me with a steering wheel cover and some dice and something else {I cant remember}! Anyway, he got caught, so Its not going to be a Surprise!! But I cant wait to get it!! Hes Great!!
Now I want one of them new Zebra Snugli thingys!! maybe He will get a chance to Surprise me with that!!! :)